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The explanation of Genesis. The Creation story of the Bible understood from the scientific and from the spiritual.

Contemplating creation

Fictional account that can help you understand the way some people have received Godīs visions and revelations.


Semitic Village

1000 B.C.


He was slowly regaining control, his control, control of himself, while he became aware of what had happened.

His legs trembled; his mind was a chaos of questions that demanded answers.

What did I see? What happened to me? Did I have a hallucination? Where am I? The sheep?! How long..? He thought, desperate and greatly confused.

He looked around.

The sheep! There they are!

Thank God, thank God they have not escaped!

Is it still dawn or dusk?

The day was ending and there was little light, he saw that the sun was setting but he was still confused.

His legs did not supported him He fell to his knees, leaned his hands on the floor.

I must come back home, I must come back home and tell everyone what happened to me.

The images he had seen returned to his mind as fast memories. Have I dreamed? He tried to focus on what was important at the time. I must go home, back to my family, safe and with the flock.

He had noticed it was getting dark. He took his crook and the fur that kept him warm. I'm starving, my stomach hurts from hunger–he had not eaten since leaving home that morning, and the day was over. Water, water, I need to drink.

He ran to the creek that was a few meters away, and squatted. He took great gulps as if they were the last and felt better. He wiped his mouth with his sleeve as he stood. He was exhausted as if he'd run a race.

He was slowly beginning to relax.

Everything seemed in order. He gathered the sheep and drove them to the hut where he lived.

He arrived an hour later, hurrying under the moonlight.

He locked them in the pen.

Elam had a wife, Misur, and two children, a boy of eight and a girl of six.

Upon hearing the sheep enter the pen the children ran to greet their father. In the dark, they hugged him and Elam lifted Samud, the girl, and grabbed the oldest, Urkisī, hand.

- Mom was worried because you did not show up-Urkis said.

Misur had already left the house and went to meet him.

- Husband, did anything happen to you? -in Misurīs face the concern was palpable.

- Oh my wife, letīs go inside as I must tell you my day. You should hear what happened to me.

- Did an animal attack you? Are you all right? Are you hurt? Have you had a problem with the sheep...?

- No woman. Stay calm. Make me something to eat, please, I have not eaten all day and Iīm starving.

Elam took a piece of bread and poured some wine while he waited for Misur to prepare him something to eat. He sat on a bench, began to relax and fatigue became noticeable. Taking a deep breath, he leaned on the table and ate.

He did not know where to begin to tell her what had happened. Misur urged him:

- Tell me, tell me, my husband.

- Iīll do it, woman. I went as usual to the pastures, beside the stream. I sat on the rock, the one from which I can watch over the sheep, you know which one I mean. The sun began to rise on the horizon, the air was still, there were almost no sounds, the animals grazed in total tranquility and a moment later ... everything was gone.

I was enveloped in darkness, I could tell that there was something like a sea, in which I was submerged, and all around me there was a huge mess, as if everything were mixed. I could not see where it began and where it ended. It was like being in a sandstorm in the middle of the night. I felt I was floating over an abyss, I saw no ground under my feet, and over that sea I could clearly feel the presence of God.

Light arose suddenly, the light came from somewhere but I could not see where.

The light that was kindled moved, it crossed over me like the sun crosses. And when it was behind me the darkness returned like the night.

When I woke it was evening, it was getting dark and I could not realize how much time had passed...

Tell me, woman, was it just today or was I absent a few days?

- It was only today. This morning you left home and you have returned tonight as always. Stay calm. Finish eating and go to sleep, rest, perhaps it was only a dream, Misur told him in a vain attempt to make him feel better and calmer.

- No, it wasnīt a dream-Elam said with determination, as he stood and walked around the room, clearly upset. I'm sure it was to do with God, I can feel it.

She could see that this event had affected him and did not know what to do; she did not know how to proceed in such cases.

If Elam had really had a revelation of God it was necessary to tell the priest of the temple, he would know if it had been a dream or a message. It was possible that they would not understand the message, that they could not interpret it. Or maybe it had just been a dream.

 - Letīs proceed in this way -Misur told him- while you take the sheep to pasture tomorrow, as usual, I can go to town in search of the priest or one of his aides to consult them; and when you return, in the afternoon, we will know what to do.

Elam agreed. There was nothing else to do, he had to sleep, he needed rest, and he was exhausted. They put the children to bed and then they did the same.


- Woman, ask them also whether we should make sacrifices or offerings, do not forget.

The night was long for Elam, images of the day again kept coming back and he could not get them out of his head; the morning came as a relief.

He and his wife got up before dawn -the children were still asleep. They had breakfast like every morning and agreed that Misur would go to the village to see the priest.

Elam took his crook, his saddlebag with the food Misur had prepared him for the day; and he went in search of the sheep that were in the pen.

The morning was calm, the air still, the aromas familiar. He was leading the animals to pasture near the stream, as was his routine.


I will try to catch a fish that will distract me and Iīll stop thinking about the vision. This time of year, some big ones go near the shore to spawn; then I could search for medicinal herbs. Yes, I will try to keep busy.


He reached the rock he usually used as a lookout; took off his backpack; repositioned the skins he used to keep warm; stretched them on the stone and sat down a moment to rest. The morning was truly peaceful...

It started to rain, torrentially; there was a lot of steam; there seemed to be no air; everything was water and mud; you could hardly tell where one began and where the other ended.

He was not wet; all that moisture did not affected him. Nothing that happened in front of his eye had any effect on him. He did not feel hot neither cold. He could not see the sky, as the fog-steam was impenetrable.

Slowly the atmosphere became clear, the rain became less intense. Steam was fading. Elam could see how the water was collected in the ground and the sky become discernible. There were still many clouds, but he could see the sky. The ground was a quagmire, a huge bath.


He came to; the vision disappeared as suddenly as it had come.

Once more it was late, again about the same time as the day before.

Elam took his head.

Am I going crazy? What about the sheep?

There they were, perfectly well together; quiet, as if someone had been watching while he had his new vision.


Elam went from happiness to horror. Happiness because he realized that what happened was God's will; he could feel it, he felt it clearly as if someone had told him, but at the same time he felt fear.

Why me? Why God chose to show me this? And what is He showing me? I canīt understand it. What else will He show me? What else will I have to face?

There were too many questions, too many and not one answer.


He took his things, searched for the sheep and lowered them as fast as he could to his house, almost running.

He needed to talk to the priest. It was imperative to speak with a person of God, someone who had experience in this type of events and could tell what was going to happen or what to expect, or something, anything, anything that could restore tranquility.

Yes, sure, if Misur hasnīt been into town to see the priest I will go right now, I cannot wait–he was desperate.

He came home and got the sheep in the pen, pushing them.

- Come on, come on, go inside! –he shouted. Misur! Misur! I'm home!

Misur came to the door, under the eaves, and shouted:

- Husband! Come! Come closer the priest has come and is waiting!

- Thank God, my wife.

Elam, quieter -because the priest was there- washed his perspiration in a trough and entered his house.


Crossing the threshold, he met the priest and his assistant who were sitting at the table and they stood to greet him when they saw him. Misur was standing to the side, near the entrance.

After greeting them, Elam asked the priest and his assistant to sit down and asked Misur about their children. She told him that on her way to town she had left them at her parents'.


Elam told them the events of the previous day and the new vision he had seen that day. And also how these events had left him upset and worried.

The men listened attentively without comment. When Elam concluded his narrative the priest was silent for a moment, as if he was clarifying his thoughts, and then said:

- My son, it's clear that these visions you've had can come from God. At this time I still cannot understand the message, or if it refers to future or past events. We may need to wait for a signal from God to clarify the issue. Anyway, you should stay calm; if it comes from God it cannot be bad. If you do not mind, we'd like to stay with you a few days to see if anything else occurs, and to accompany you. We can stay wherever you say so as not to be a bother; weīd hate to interfere with your daily routine, or be a burden to you and your family.

Elam was surprised, this was much more than he could have expected. Although he was very religious he was not a practicing member of the cult, we might say; he didnīt have the habit of going to the temple, and had not dealt with the priest before these events.


He offered to the religious men the children's rooms, as these would stay at their grandparents; and if necessary, they could leave them there for a few days.


They dined trying to talk about trivial matters.


Elam and Misur were not wealthy. They were only shepherds, so they didnīt have many comforts to share; and could not afford to stop working either. Elam had to continue with his life and work as usual while this whole issue was resolved.


When they were about to retire to bed, the priest approached Elam and said:

- Son, I have a vague idea about what the visions you've had could be; I cannot say anything yet, but I am convinced that there is still something for you to see. If I'm right this could take, at least, another day or two. I pray you have strength and faith in God. If He has chosen you it is because he knows you can cope with what you have been entrusted. Remember He knows you better than you know yourself. We will accompany you at all times. God is testing you and I'm sure you will succeed. Go to sleep and rest. Tomorrow is another day.

He added.

- If you do not mind, we'd like to go with you to the field without interfering with your work.

- Thanks Master, I really appreciate it, you do not know how much that means to me.

- I understand, son. Go to sleep and try to relax and not worry about us.


Misur spent the night watching Elam. If he was sleeping, if he moved, if he breathed. It was impossible not to notice how worried she was about her husband.


The first light of dawn saw them eating breakfast; they got ready to start the day in silence. Elam could feel the anxiety of the priest and his assistant, despite their efforts to hide it.

He saw how they were going from one place to another accommodating what they had to carry and speaking softly, almost in a whisper, so as not to disturb.

Elam knew that for them this was a unique opportunity, perhaps what they had expected and for which they would have prepared all his life.

They are happy, it shows; and I just want it to end. God forgive me, not that I donīt want to be helpful; itīs just that I'm just terrified and I fear I will let you down. Please give me the strength to overcome your test.

- Are you well, husband? -Misur asked quietly, once the others had left and they had a moment of privacy.

- Yes, do not worry my wife. Everything will be fine, they are going to come with me. I will try to bring some fish because yesterday I could not. Perhaps this has already happened. Stay quiet woman.


He went in search of the herd and began his routine. The priest and his assistant followed him, but stood aloof trying not to intervene; it was clear they were trying to be just mere observers.


Elam was leaning on his crook and herding the sheep to pasture.

God have mercy on me, have clemency. I pray that all is well. Give me strength; take care of my wife and my children. Do not take me yet, let me see my children grow and help them start their adult lives.

Absorbed in his thoughts, he found himself on the edge of the pasture.

The monks remained at a distance, in silence.

- Come on sheep, eat the pastures! Now, now! -Elam told the animals, while gesturing with his arms and his crook visibly as he did not want them scattered.


He repositioned the skins and settled his pack on the rock; he sat down to rest as he watched the sheep scamper and graze peacefully.

The sky was slightly overcast.

I donīt think it will rain, although a little rain could do the plants a lot of good. I hope the children are well with their grandparents. Thank God for my family. Thank you for this day.

You could hear the whisper of the nearby stream water and the cries of some birds that passed by flying not too high. How do they float in the air? Elam followed them with his eyes. He had almost forgotten his companions for the day...


The sky changed abruptly. The clouds closed. Although it wasnīt raining the impression was that it had rained recently and that it would rain again shortly.

The ground was wet and it was a swamp, a marsh, but the water was dripping, dripping and it was collecting in one place; it seemed that the ground rose and dried and the water flowed creating a sea, an ocean. Elam was witnessing the separation of air, water and land into firmament, sea and dry land. He could feel he stood on dry soil and saw the sea along the beach. The place was not a swamp anymore. Although he saw no vegetation or animals at least the general landscape was more familiar. Barren, very dry, but familiar.


He was standing on the grass among the sheep. He touched his face and body as if he were recognizing himself.

Again, it happened again. The sheep? Yes, here they are. God, God looks after them on my behalf.

Taking a deep breath he rubbed his eyes, as if waking from a dream. He walked to the stream to drink. No hurry. He knelt on the bank and stood for a moment still, doing nothing. He looked at his image in the water and then cupped his hands to catch some. He drank slowly. Then he washed his face and wet his hair and neck, massaging them gently.


The monks were watching from afar in absolute silence.

He gathered his things and started herding the animals. A short distance away, the priest and his assistant were watching. The priest with a slight wave of his hand said to his assistant to do nothing, to not intervene. Elam went near them herding sheep and all returned to the house.

The return was quiet and unhurried, almost like another day of many.

Finally, upon arrival, Elam left the sheep in the pen and passing beside the priest said:

- Come in, master, eat something and I'll tell you what I saw.


Misur, as he entered the house, wanted to know:

- You've had another vision -it was more a statement than a question. You are tired, my husband. Sit, for I have prepared something for everyone to eat.

The woman looked at the religious men, as asking their opinion.

The priest and his assistant quietly took off their backpacks and left their stuff on the floor, in a corner. Then they went to wash for dinner.

Elam sat on a stool and leaned on the table.

- Woman. I had another vision. When the religious men return I will tell them about it.


As they ate, Elam narrated what he had seen. The priest told Misur that Elam had walked across the meadow looking at things they had failed to see. They told how Elam had been watching his feet, watching the sky, and how, at times, he would stretch his hands as if to touch something. They also commented that the sheep were kept close and quiet at all times. No one left the herd nor were they attacked by a predator.

Finally, the priest told Elam:

- Son. You have to be quiet. I'm sure the hardest is over. You must be glad to be chosen by God to receive this message. There will be time to interpret it. Meanwhile rest. We, for our part, will pray to God to give you the necessary strength and clarity of mind and spirit you need. Rejoice. What comes from God must be good.

She turned and said to his assistant:

- Let us retire to our room. Let these people in peace. We all need rest.


It dawned. A new day began. Again, what about today? What will happen? Will it already be over? Please God have mercy on me and my family.

Elam got up and prepared as usual; the others did their thing.

Misur prepared them food for the day. She greeted them at the door as they left, her left hand squeezing her clothes.


They reached the pastures quickly, without a hitch.

Here I am, once again. Every time I look at the grass, the mountains, the desert, the streams, the birds, I think, how has God created all this...


From the land plants sprouted; plants became trees; trees bore fruits; and fruits bore seeds. What was arid became green, green and diverse. He was gradually surrounded by such lush vegetation he could not see the sky.


And the pasture was back, and the sheep with it.

Thatīs how He did it, thatīs how! Thatīs it, that is what He is showing me! I'm seeing and witnessing how God created all that exists! God is showing me Creation!

He sought the religious men with his eyes.

- I know what I see! I know what God is showing me! - he knelt and held his head with both hands.

- It's perfect, it is impressive -he whispered.

The monks ran to him and knelt beside him.

- Tell us son, please tell us.

- God is showing me Creation! God shows me how He did it all! ... It is the original chaos, how He organized it, how He separated the water from the earth, light and darkness, day and night, plants, trees... I think my head will explode.

They laughed and cried. The religious men hugged and tried to calm him.

- Calm child. Get him something to eat-the priest asked the assistant.

He trotted to where the backpacks were and returned with some bread and water.

Elam told them what he had seen and how the earth had moved from the extreme aridity to the lush vegetation in front of their eyes. There was so much forest, so many trees that he could not even see the sky.


They returned.

- Misur, Misur! -he entered the house. I know what this is about! -he grabbed her by the shoulders. God is showing me the Creation, how he created the earth and all things that live in it. Today He has shown me how He created the plants! Sit down and I'll tell you; it was wonderful, amazing...


The next day they were there again.

Elam repositioned the skins on the rock. He looked for a piece of bread -the walk had made him hungry. The monks were a few hundred feet away in the same place where they had been the day before, and they pretended not to watch. He sat up and stretched his arms.

What a beautiful day...


He came out of the trees and saw the sun passing swiftly over him, and then the moon and the stars. The days and nights followed at a rapid pace. Days passed, then years, centuries, millennia.


- That's why they are there! -he shouted, looking to the monks. To count the days and years!

The monks regarded him blankly and came almost jogging.

- Thatīs what the Sun and the Moon are for! God created them so we could count the time! For us to know how many years have passed! To separate the light from the darkness, so we rest at night and work during the day! He tells us that the stars were made for a purpose, to help us... It's wonderful. Everything has a reason. Everything has a purpose.


And evening came and the fifth day dawned...



And there he was again in the meadow with his sheep.

He tucked his stuff on the rock and rubbed his face to wake up.

He leaned back and put his hands on his thighs, looking at the creek. What do you have for me today, my God...?


Water, lots of it, full of fish, small, big. And birds in the sky, plenty, fluttering. The cries filled the air.


Enormous sea creatures, huge, giant, monstrous. Some went to the land, crawled like snakes conquering the mainland. The sea was teeming with life, diverse life, and immense diversity. Birds were nesting on earth and breeding; the world was full of life.

There were many, too many; he could not follow all these creatures, so different and so similar. So many... so many...


The beach disappeared. Elam was thrown back on the grass. With his hands he groped what was beside him. He sought the sand, which was gone, as he watched the sky for birds. He closed his eyes in an attempt to retain the images. More, more.


He sat.

- Sea animals!, Huge animals!, Sea monsters!, Monstrous, huge! -he laughed. And the days. Each day corresponds to a day of Creation, my days are the days that it took him to achieve it! Thatīs why he shows it to me fragmented. It is very important that we take notice of the days!

He paused in his speech for breath.

- How many days have passed? -he asked them.

The priest was at his side and sat nearby.

- With this, five -he answered.

- Five, five ... how many days will God have dedicated to this, how many days are left?

- What about the man? -the assistant asked- what about the man?

- I do not know. He has not shown me yet, I have not seen him...


Evening came. Sixth day dawned.


He knelt. He left his staff and prayed, crouched with his head almost on the ground and joined hands.

God, my God, let me see your greatness, show me Your Creation. Have mercy on your humble servant. Give me the strength to serve You...


The sea and the dry land appeared and on it land animals, small, large, all the species. The land was full of life. And God was satisfied.

And man appeared. He ruled over animals, dominating them. Men and women walking together.

These men and women ate the fruits of the trees and the seeds of plants, and animals grazed on the plains. God provided food for all. Fruits and seeds for men and herbs for animals. And God looked at his creation and saw that it was perfect.


Elam came to on the edge of the stream. He looked around as if trying to figure out where he was.

He took a couple of steps back, turned and started walking away from the water.

- Man! God created man in his image, male and female!

He felt drunk, intoxicated. In a state of bliss. Happy. He told them:

- Letīs go back, go home, I want to see Misur; I want to tell her, I want to describe what I saw.

His eyes conveyed love, love, compassion, understanding.

They returned.

- Misur, my wife, I have seen the creation of man and animals. God said, "Let us make man like us, and rule over all animals, fish and birds." God created man in his own image, male and female. And he created them with love, with the love of a father and blessed them, "Be fruitful and multiply." And he added: "I give them seed herbs and fruit trees to eat, and to the animals, birds and fish, the green grass as sustenance." And God saw everything that he had made, and it was fine. Misur, my wife, I can feel the love of God for his creation, for us, for each herb, for each bird.

His voice cracked with emotion, he could not stop crying.

The priest and his assistant bowed and prayed.

- Thank God, thank God.


Evening came. Seventh day dawned...


He walked up to the stone where he left his things, as if someone was going out to meet someone. He repositioned the skins, left the crook on the ground, leaned his backpack on the stone and sat down. He closed his eyes and waited...


The work was completed. The earth, the heavens and all elements and beings. And God ceased on the seventh day all the work he had done. He blessed and sanctified it.


Her eyes sought them. There they were. He staggered, leaned against the rock with one hand.

Am I about to die? Something or someone is leaving me, I feel dizzy. I am afraid, God do not take me yet. It's over. There's nothing more. What was with me is gone. I do not feel well.

He called the priest with his hand and said:

- Let's go back. It's over. Today is a rest day. The seventh day shall be holy. It is the day when God finishes Creation. We shall not work. What God gave me is over. He's gone. I do not feel very well–his thoughts were confused.

 - Calm down son, the morning is not yet over, letīs go to the house to eat something and youīll feel better-he motioned to his assistant to take Elamīs things.


They herded the sheep and Elam started feeling better as they approached the farm.


Misur was in the garden weeding. She ran to them.

- Why have you returned so early!

- God told me that today is a day of rest, that we should not work. It is the day He finished Creation, the seventh day. Leave the tools, woman, do as He said.

- What about tomorrow?

- Tomorrow we have to work again, but there will be no more messages, wife. I feel it is over. I have the feeling that what was with me these seven days is gone. I feel different and tired, very tired.


By the meager light of oil lamp -in his room at the temple- the priest finished writing what Elam had narrated day by day.

He waited for the ink to dry -blowing gently- and then rolled the papyrus with great care and reverence. He tied it with string and put it in the trunk of the templeīs sacred possessions.

It was necessary to rest; in the morning he should start the long journey to the main temple where he would tell what had happened to the high priest.

Ebook free download The observer of Genesis, Alberto Canen
Book free download Genesis and science
Book free download Book free download Genesis and science pdf Book free download Book free download Genesis and science word Book free download Book free download Genesis and science zip-pdf Book free download Book free download Genesis and science epub Book free download Book free download Genesis and science mobi kindle Book free download Book free download Genesis and science pdb palm
The explanation of Genesis. The Creation story of the Bible understood from the scientific and from the spiritual.